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Summer of Code results!

by Mithro

I have been meaning to do a Summer of Code round-up/results report for a while now, but had been putting it off until I could get some statistics from Ohloh. As they have now fixed the problem they where having with git branches, there is no excuses. I have previously mentioned my thoughts about the program on my own blog but I'm going to provide a more comprehensive wrap-up of our Summer of Code.

If you have a good memory (or just look through our history) you will remember that we had 4 students participating. By the end of the Summer 3 students has successfully completed their projects. According to Oholo, over the summer the students made a total of 371 commits to our public repository, changing a total of 39,050 lines of code. As well, over the next couple of months most of the code that the students have written will be released for everyone to use. The successful projects are listed below.

Participating in the Summer of Code has meant that students from around the world have started trying to figure out how to make Thousand Parsec part of their course work.

One such student is Nathan Partlan aka greywhind who is doing a full year internship with Thousand Parsec. He is helping me to make some much needed improvements to tpclient-pywx and has already pushed multiple changes into the incoming branch.

Over the next 6 months, it is likely that students from the University of South Australia will be working on developing a Java MIDP client. This should allow anyone to login to a server from their Java enabled mobile phone!

If you are a student (or just anyone!) who wants to get in on some of this cool action, feel free to send us an email, jump on IRC or join the mailing lists. We have a todo tracker which lists some ideas which you could get started with, feel free to suggest your own ideas. There are both coding and non-coding tasks!

As you can see the Summer of Code has been really great. Not only have we have had some cool code produced the program has opened up opportunities we had not even considered before. Hopefully Google will let us participate again next year!

Posted: 2007-10-20-1302