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wxPython Client 0.3.1 Released

by JLP

Hot on the heals of 0.3.0 is the 0.3.1 release of the primary Thousand Parsec client. This release is an incremental improvement over the previous one but it does not lack in improvement. It fixes over 100 bugs found and adds a whole slew of new features.

New features added:

  • More auto-detection around orders, meaning better support for the RFTS ruleset on tpserver-cpp.
  • Copy, paste and quick-insert context menu (on the Orders window) is back.
  • Added ability to request server end the current turn.
  • Added a help menu and some help pop-ups.
  • Added navigation icons.
  • Resource overlay now lets you chose multiple resources to be displayed.
  • Downloads all players and display their info in various locations.
  • Order arguments in Orders window now built from XRC (removes some of the last remaining legacy code).

Notable bugs fixed:

  • Added transparency to the icons used in the system window.
  • Objects on the map are always sorted alphabetically now.
  • Added support for object id order parameter.
  • Tips can now also be translated.

There are also numerous fixes for both Mac and Windows which improve the look and feel. For example, shortcuts now work on Windows, pop-ups no longer steal focus on Mac, etc.

For details see the complete changelog.

The new version is available from our download page. Packages for Debian and Ubuntu will be updated as soon as possible (thanks to bddebian). One of our candidate students for Google Summer of Code, ezod, has also for the first time prepared an overlay for Gentoo. Expect updated ebuilds soon.

Posted: 2008-03-25-2020