[tp-devel] Some bugs

[tp-devel] Some bugs

Vincent Verhoeven verhoevenv at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 18:51:35 EDT 2008

Hello all,

In a few hours of playtesting my bot, I found a few bugs in various
parts of the project. Some of these I've seen reported before, some
not (and some might be misunderstandings), but I think none of them
are in the bug tracker. So a little rundown on the status of any of
these might be useful and those that are real bugs should be in the

I'm working with tpclient-pywx and a local tpserver-cpp with the RFTS
ruleset, all with up-to-date sources.

* The server segfaults sometimes. I haven't found a way to reproduce
it, but it only seems to happen when I use tpclient-pywx (not my own
bot) and send a scout to enemy territory. However last time I managed
to get my scout in an enemy system and the server happily worked
further for a few turns, so I'm not sure it's relevant. The earliest
I've seen it happen is on turn 10. Really, it seems a bit random.
* Related to that, if I send my scout to an enemy star system, isn't
there supposed to be combat? Or do only battleships fight?
* Previously mentioned by jphr in the "view bug" thread: sometimes,
ownership of objects isn't right in tpclient-pwx. It might be related
to caching.
* tpclient-pywx crashes when trying to delete a message, with a
message like "<Node(3e)-<objects.Message - Message @ 0x9707dec (seq:
26 length: 182)> <0x3d 0x3f>> was not found in the list!". Might be a
server bug, should be easy to reproduce.
* The threshold-acceleration is a bit strange. The way I understand
it, if all players let the server know they are finished, it should
switch to turn_length_over_threshold. However, it already seems to do
that after my bot has signified it is ready, making testing a bit
* And there's the RFTS colonization bug, noticed earlier by Victor. I
think it's just colonists in transports that aren't added to the
population after a colonize order, which leaves a planet unmanned. Or
it could be because the parameters are so bad (basically 0 of every
needed resource at colonization) that the population dies immediately.
This definitely needs investigation.

Whew. I hope we can clear some of these things out!

Vincent "Iwanowitch" Verhoeven

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