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Installing tpserver-cpp with TaE

This setup is based off mithro's Tpserver-cpp_Setup

First make sure you have all the correct dependencies:

apt-get install autoconf automake libtool build-essential g++ cogito libncurses5-dev guile-1.8-dev boost-build libboost-dev

Then install the tae branch of tpserver-cpp:

cg-clone git://git.thousandparsec.net/git/libtprl.git
cd libtprl
./configure --prefix=/opt/tpserver-cpp
sudo make install

cd ..
cg-clone git://git.thousandparsec.net/git/tpserver-cpp.git#tae
cd tpserver-cpp
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/tpserver-cpp/lib/pkgconfig ./configure --prefix=/opt/tpserver-cpp
sudo make install

Running TaE

First start up an instance of tpserver-cpp. The quickstart-tae.conf file is in the tpserver-cpp directory after downloading the tae branch as described above. You may modify the configuration file or make your own.

tpserver-cpp -C tpserver-cpp/quickstart-tae.conf

After starting the server, run a thousand parsec client. For this guide we'll use tpclient-pywx. You can download it here.


Type in the IP address of the server, your username, and password. Then click OK to connect.

How to Play

You should see something like this when you fist start up the game (if it doesn't look right, try selecting "fit" from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen):

TaE Board1.png

The "board" is displayed in the middle, and the contents of each of the star systems is detailed on the right hand side. You have one system which belongs to you (it's named after your username and highlighted in green on the board). In orbit in this star system is your "hand" of fleets (click here for more information on the types of fleets).

TaE home system.jpg

You can click on each fleet to get further information on them. This information is displayed in the "information" section at the bottom of the screen.

TaE fleet info.jpg

You can issue an order to one of your fleets by selecting it then clicking the "new" button on the order panel located to the left of the screen. Then select a star system to perform the order on and click save (for more info on orders click here).

TaE order.jpg

Each of the different star systems is characterized by what resources it has and what ships are in orbit around it. A good way to view the resources in each star system is by selecting the "Resources" view from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen (just to the right of the home button). You will see something like this:

TaE Board2.png

Hovering the mouse over any of the systems will tell you exactly what resources the system has.

Once you've gotten the hang of the interface, you should read through the rules of the game here.

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