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Installing tpserver-cpp

See mithro's excellent guide on Tpserver-cpp Setup.

Starting a Risk game

To run a game where players have to bid on territories run the following command (so long as tpserver-cpp is in the path):

tpserver-cpp -C quickstart-risk-bid.conf

To start a game where players are randomly assigned planets run this command:

tpserver-cpp -C quickstart-risk-random.conf

Playing Risk


The latest tpclient-pywx release can be found here. start tpclient-pywx

sudo tpclient-pywx

In this case the server address is ourselves so we use localhost.


After typing in the username @ <gamename> and the password we click ok to connect.


When you connect to the server you will be greeted with something like this (maybe less "Mac"ified): Risk-Startup.png

Open the system tree and find your planet (or right click your green system and select the planet.) We're running a little bit low on reinforcements on our planet. Create a new Reinforce order. We can check the number of reinforcements available in the Info pane; Lets add all 10 reinforcements.


Now that we have a few more units it is time to start spreading our influence across the universe. There are two possible ways to do so, (only one if random planet assignment was turned on,) with colonize order or a move order. Colonize orders allow you to place units on any open planet, while move orders allow you to move units to any adjacent planet. Since the list of planets is populated for you you need not worry about picking a valid choice. Here are screenshots of what issuing an order should look like:

Risk-Move.png Risk-Colonize.png

Known Bugs

  • There has been a server side segfault by SOME coincidence when colonizing two planets simultaneously. I have not been able to reproduce the bug.
  • There is a bug where a new player joining a game receives an error that they have no objects. The only problem with this is the player does own an object. The object does not "light up" green, but the player can still issue orders on the planet.
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