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At the beginning of each turn a server has to execute orders from players and compute the new status of objects. Rulesets define, inside boundaries of the protocol, what are the properties of the universe and objects in it, how do they behave and interact. Victory conditions are also part of the ruleset.

Milestone rulesets

Milestone rulesets are special rulesets designed to exercise certain features of Thousand Parsec.

  • MiniSec, the first milestone game. Simple test of being able to issue orders and perform simple combat.
  • MTSec, the second milestone game. It is designed to both be a fun game and to exercise the object design capabilities of the framework.

Google Summer of Code rulesets

These rulesets have been developed as part of a the Google Summer of Code.

  • RFTS Clone
  • Risk - A modified version of that classic board game now in space.
  • TAE - A more advanced board game also now in space.
  • DroneSec - By controlling a single mothership, take over the universe with your drones!

Designs in progress

Links to ruleset designs in progress.

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